Regie Pascal Plisson
Mit Maina Mako, Parkasio Montet, Paul Sekenan, Swakei Kipilosh, Kiaki Narikae, Peniki Soyianyey, Musurpei Toroge, John Nasipa, Nemerok Nkurunah
2004 – 104 Minuten
ENGL: Following the death of their Chief, a Masai village is stricken by drought. The tribal elders consult a sorcerer, who tells them they have been cursed by the powerful Red God. To appease his wrath, and to ensure the survival of their people, a sacrifice must be offered up: the mane of Vitchoua, King of the Lions. A group of adolescent boys is despatched across the vast savannah on this dangerous and heroic quest. They are led by Lomotoon, son of the village chief and scion of the richest clan in the tribe. Following close behind against his father's wishes, is Mereno, the brave and ambitious only son of a poor shepherd, and Lomotoon's greatest childhood friend. Armed with courage and rough spears, eager to prove themselves, the boys embark on the search for the legendary beast they must vanquish to save their tribe from destruction. In the tradition of Eric Valli's Academy-Award nominated HIMALAYA, MASAI is a magical story of adventure and initiation, a thrilling tale of bravery and friendship, rivalry, loyalty and the passage from boyhood to manhood. Director Pascal Plisson, writer Olivier Dazat (HIMALAYA), DP Manuel Teran and an extraordinary young cast have created a stunning, mythic journey into a world untouched by the 21st century, rich with the legends and rituals of the Masai nation and set in a spectacular landscape of awesome natural beauty.