Man to man
Regie Regis Wargnier
Darsteller Joseph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Iain Glen, Hugh Bonneville
Land, Jahr , 2005
Kinostart 05.02.2005
Format, Dauer Flat - 1:1.85, 122 min
Suisa-Nr. 1005.063


SYNOPSIS ENGLISCH 1870. Young Scottish doctor Jamie Dodd and adventuress Elena van den Ende journey into the dark heart of unexplored Equatorial Africa in search of the origins of Mankind. Returning to Edinburgh with two captured pygmies, Toko and Likola, dreaming of glorious posterity, Jamie immerses himself in the study of these 'missing links'. But the pygmies' mute presence drives a wedge between him and his colleagues, who consider Toko and Likola nothing more than living specimens. Jamie comes to acknowledge his captives as intelligent, sentient fellow beings, provoking scorn and eventual exclusion from the scientific community. Cruelly exhibited at Edinburgh Zoo, the pygmies are condemned to a bleak future of humiliation and degradation. Jamie's decision to help them costs him career, friends and love: he embarks on a crusade that seems doomed to defeat. But Toko and Likola prove to be extraordinary allies. From their silent, sacred union, they draw the strength to defy their enemies. Can the rightness of a cause - the battle for liberty and truth - be enough to overcome the arrogance of men who, in the name of all-powerful science, would deny others their very humanity?


Berlin 2005 - Im Wettbwerb, Eröffnungsfilm
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